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  Success Starts from Within,  BELIEVE

Everyone needs a little extra motivation in their life.  Do it with the ultimate in style and function to help motivate you to play better, harder and stronger while giving those that need to lose weight, stop smoking or fight other addictions the constant reminder to 

"BELIEVE in your success in doing so."

A favorite of amateur and professional football, baseball, basketball,

soccer, weight lifting, golf & yoga enthusiasts all over the world!!!

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Please keep out of reach of children and pets.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Individual results may vary.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Online claims and studies have shown that some hologram wristband and jewelry customers have experienced an improvement in balance, flexibility, stamina and core strength as well as an overall increase in performance and sense of well-being.  While there are testimonials from around the globe how negative ions and holograms have helped customers, there is no assurance it can work for everyone.  We make no claims and let the consumer decide based on their own experience. The above written claims regarding online hologram studies and negative ion use are not the expressed opinion of this seller/manufacturer.  This item is not a medical device and is to be used only for motivational purposes.  It is recommended that you consult your qualified personal health care provider before making any dietary or exercise changes or if you begin a smoking/drinking/drug cessation program. BelieveWristbands disclaims any liability or warranties of any kind arising directly or indirectly from use of this product.  BelieveWristbands are not affiliated in any way with Power Balance, Infinity Pro, Balance Pro, Tricore, Livestrong, WWJD, EFX, Phiten, Justin Bieber (Believe), NBC's BELIEVE television show or any other brand mentioned or not mentioned above and not endorsed by any of the names mentioned or not mentioned above.  All trademarks are property of their respected owners.  Ethically made in China.  BelieveWristbands.com is part of the SendaFrizbee/SendaFlyingCard.com company.